A little bit about myself, I'm not your typical realtor.  Heard that before??? Well here's my quick bio.  After high school I attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and graduated near the top of my class with a degree in Systems Engineering.  Following that I attended Naval Nuclear Power School enroute to my first duty station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, as a commissioned officer aboard a fast attack submarine.  Following three years of subsurface life (don't get me wrong, there was some fun in the sun sprinkled in there), I had the distinct privilege to stay in Hawaii and work with the Navy SEALs as an Operations Officer for three more years.  Having met my wife in Hawaii (a native Michigander!), it was time to get out of the military and start a family.  We moved to Chicago and two years of arduous schooling later, I earned my Senior Reactor Operator's License from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; fun fact, there are less Senior Reactor Operators in the world than there are brain surgeons.  After five years of worked holidays, missed weddings, and watching my son grow up without me, I decided to change gears in life, move to Michigan to be close to family, and get my Real Estate license.

And here I am now.  I didn't write all of this to brag or to try to make myself look smart.  In fact, I usually hate bringing any of this up at all, my wife is the one usually telling people about my past.  Why I wrote this is because I want everyone that reads this to understand that I bring to the table an above average work ethic, and as you have read, I've done this for my whole life.  Nothing has come easy to me, everything has been earned.  Some realtors may have shinier websites than me with more bells and whistles or fancy billboards, but none of them will work harder than me.  Give me a call, let's build a great relationship, and let's find you your perfect home.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor,


Dave Ciha

When you call or email, make sure you ask me about my team and the multiple advantages and DISCOUNTS we provide for Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders (local Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Nurses, etc.).

Don't forget to ask me about my own personal Performance Guarantees as well as my Service Cancellation Guarantee.

Your referrals will also help kids across Oakland and Macomb Counties.  For every referral received, a significant portion of that commission will be donated in YOUR NAME to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland and Macomb Counties.  As a supporter and active tutor at the Royal Oak branch, I firmly believe in giving children the greatest opportunities to succeed in life, and that is centered around community engagement as well as positive role models.

Dave Ciha

Father, Husband, Veteran, Realtor